Hey there! My name is Caro, which sounds kind of cool and exotic in Spanish. In English, however, it pretty much sounds like Carl. This makes introductions remarkably awkward for me. Like:

Person I’m Meeting: Hi, I’m Jim!
Me: Hi, Jim! I’m Caro.
Jim: Uhh… Carl? Like… the name that is clearly meant for a man?
Me: No, Caro. You see… I know it kind of sounds like Carl, but it’s different, and it’s in Spanish, and it’s short—OH never mind. It’s c-a-r-o. Pronounce as you wish.
Jim: Um whatever.

I’m 22 and graduated from Wash. U. in St. Louis (BSBA in accounting, sup), which I loved like crazy. I’m back to living in Miami now, which I do not love, as I melt daily and am denied the simple pleasure of a single good hair day. I do appreciate being able to beach it up year-round, though. Tradeoffs. I’m currently in Tampa for six months for a seasonal job! I may or may not stay here past March 2013… time will tell.

I LOVE food (duh). I can’t remember exactly when, but I decided at some point in high school that I was really into baking. By the time I started college, I was set on making a commitment: No matter what, I was going to bake for my entire freshman floor every two weeks. And I did. It was all box-mix cake and brownies, no biggie… but people loved it (I think). It sounds silly, but that whole year kind of makes up the first time I realized how food can bring people together and so easily make them HAPPY. And just like that, I was hooked. I wanted to keep baking, and more adventurously at that. I’m proud of all I’ve tried and succeeded at since that box-mix year (though I’ll gladly confess that Ghirardelli box-mix brownies are still my favorites ever), but I’m nowhere near done exploring the culinary world. And that’s where this blog comes in. I can’t wait for the baking adventures it’s gonna take me on. Oh, I guess I haven’t really talked about cooking, huh? Let’s just say I’m counting on this blog to force my development in that area, lest my future family be subjected to dinners consisting only of cake and pie. Not that I think anyone would complain.

In addition to food, I also love: Legally Blonde, sangría, the Game Show Network (esp. Family Feud), cruise ships, Disney World, Nelly, casino sounds, and Oxford commas. And so, so much more.

Also, over time, I’ve identified some quirks that set me apart from normal society. (As in… if we share any of the following in common, let’s be best friends.) For instance:

1. I have a PHOBIA of mushrooms. I’m serious. I can’t even walk by them in the grocery store. Crazy.
2. I do something Lauren calls “squirrel-eating.” I’ll take bites around the edge of something, eating all the outside before making it to the middle. Especially noticeable in my consumption of burgers and sandwiches.
3. I pronounce “full” like “fool” and “sure” like… “shoore,” I guess? Odd, I know.
4. I’m totally afraid of revolving doors, and I’ll avoid them whenever I can. (Manhattan, which I dream of living in someday, conveniently makes this impossible. Every damn door is a revolving one.)
5. When I’m walking up or down stairs with a group of people, I have a miniature panic attack if anyone is walking behind me. I must be last. No idea why.
6. One of my favorite snacks = saltine crackers, spread with cream cheese then dipped in chocolate milk. I think my grandma made it up. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.

Wow, you made it to the end?! I like you 🙂 . You deserve a reward. Or two.


4 thoughts on “Caro

  1. Totally enjoying the blog!! I ❤ the humor. And I loved your "about me" so much, I had to share it with my colleagues. They laughed a ton. 🙂

  2. Caro Peguero says:

    hahaha oh thank you, girl!!! 🙂 glad you’re enjoying!

  3. Bears says:

    You seem like a bizarre person! Mad props 🙂

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