Hi, friends! We’re Lauren and Caro, and we’re the authors of Cooking with Copy.

We love food, we love grammar, we want to bridge the 1,409-mile distance that separates us, and we want to widen our cooking and baking repertoires in the process!

Our blog works like this: For every week, we choose a new theme (an ingredient, a flavor, a shape… endless possibilities!), and we each take on one recipe related to it. For example, we might have a macaron-themed week (a sign of things to come…). So Lauren and Caro would each select a macaron (or macaron-related) recipe and tackle it. Not literally, of course.

And then, we blog about it!

In general, Lauren’s posts will go up on Mondays, Caro’s on Wednesdays. That’s the “cooking” (ahem, and baking…) part of our name. The “with copy” part, you ask? Well, on Fridays, we’ll team up to co-write posts on common grammatical/orthographic/stylistic/word-usage/etc. errors that have driven us crazy throughout our careers as copy editors (and totally still do).

In essence, we’re writing this blog to create, educate, and hopefully make you laugh your pants off. Oh, sorry, was that too forward? We’ll let you keep your pants on. Although, if you must know, this picture sums up how we really feel about the garment.

Any questions/comments/concerns/suggestions? Reach us at cookingwithcopy@gmail.com.

Thanks for being here! We’re glad to have you, and we hope you enjoy Cooking with Copy.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. davis says:

    pretty cool. though as a descriptivist, i encourage you to earnestly celebrate split infinitives, never neglect the oxford comma, and use prepositions to end sentences with.

    but for all intents and purposes—and especially for all intensive purposes—i wish you the best of luck!

  2. Ladies, this is awesome! I’ve been loving what I’ve read so far. Keep it up!

  3. Can not wait to read more from you guys! This blog is amazing 🙂 Check out mine and hopefully you like it too! x

    • Caro Peguero says:

      wow, thanks 🙂 i can tell i like your blog already (and know lauren will too) ’cause you have macarons as the header! i’m adding your blog to my google reader 🙂 can’t wait to check it out!

    • Lauren says:

      Thank you so much, wow!! And Caro was right, I totally love your blog. Just added it to my Google Reader as well and I’m going to have to make your Austrian Raspberry Shortbread ASAP. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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