Lauren: Quinoa, Spinach (no-Mac), and Cheese

quinoa and spinach macaroni and cheeseGuys. GUYS! I MADE A ROUX! Tonight I made a roux. It was pretty exciting. I stirred and stirred the butter and flour mixture, added the milk, kept stirring and then ALL OF A SUDDEN—IT WAS A SAUCE! All of this in honor of this week’s ingredient: spinach. Betcha didn’t see that one coming did ya?

When Caro and I were discussing this month’s ingredients a few weeks ago, we were sort of on a vegetable kick. Well, actually, never mind, you’ll see that dream die in about a week. Anyway, we were talking and came up with spinach. That was all well and good, I thought I’d make a salad or maybe the spinach-quinoa patties (like those for example) I keep seeing everywhere. Then. I saw. This.

Caro’s really into the blog Two Peas and their Pod. Remember her easy, customizable, no-bake granola bars from a few weeks ago? Those magical bars that can be modified to fit just about ANY taste? Mmmhmm, those are from Two Peas. When I saw her bars I had to check out the site and while I was there found this magical spinach creation and knew—it was happening.

Tonight it did. There isn’t much to say about this recipe except:

  • Don’t curdle the milk. Just don’t do it. Keep whisking.
  • It helps to have some already-cooked quinoa around. I assumed that a little under two cups of dry quinoa would yield the three cups of cooked quinoa the recipe called for. Um yeah, so I ended up with quinoa for eight. At least. Pre-cook some quinoa and measure out three cups of it while hydrated to avoid this problem.
  • I’m guessing my quinoa proliferation was the reason why once in the oven, the dish didn’t bubble in the recommended amount of time, apart from a few stray bubbles around the edges.
  • Don’t over bake the dish which FOR ONCE I didn’t do, because dry quinoa and cheese is a sad, sad thing.
  • This is not healthy. Just because it’s not pasta does not make it healthy. There is enough whole milk, cheese, and butter to kill at least five people. But I did throw in a bunch of spinach so let’s just pretend.

Now invite everyone over for this quinoa, spinach (no-mac), and cheese (which received rave reviews from my dining mates by the way) and prepare to be the most popular of all your friends.

And let’s be honest; using a cast iron skillet is half the fun.

Recipe here!

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2 thoughts on “Lauren: Quinoa, Spinach (no-Mac), and Cheese

  1. Bears says:

    Why a cast iron skillet? Inquiring minds need to know…

  2. Lauren says:

    No scientific reason, it just looks more rustic. You could also use a casserole pan.

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