Lauren: Maple, white chocolate, and cherry oatmeal cookies


Happy New Year! In honor of winter/a year ending in 13/my sister’s surgery/it being Tuesday, I made cookies. This should surprise exactly no one. In case it’s difficult to figure out the ingredient of the week with my everything-but-the-kitchen-sink post title, it’s oats! The theme was chosen with this recipe in mind. I realize this might seem weird. Oats? How boring can we be? Answer: pretty boring. Do I even like white chocolate? No. What about real-deal maple syrup? Negative. Cherries? Chyeah I could eat a whole bag! Buuut in with all this other stuff? Skeptical. They looked so perfectly golden and chewy on Joy’s website though that I just couldn’t resist! They had to be made!

Now, baking is most fun when there is someone around to feed or there is an event for which to prepare food. Christmas was a prime example. I must have made and gifted these Valrhona dark chocolate and orange buttermilk scones 15 times. Every single time the recipient demanded the recipe; if only I could take credit for it! Anyway that whole exercise only fueled my newfound love of the Joy the Baker blog and cookbook…her podcast is another story entirely. Translation: I’ve been checking her blog with the ferocity of a crack addict hoping for inspiration for my latest food project.

Well last week that certainly happened. My sister, Meredith slept over at our house the night before her surgery. An extra house guest and a new recipe from Joy? “What a coincidence,” I thought, “I’ll bake!” This recipe made SO MANY COOKIES. Holy moly I could have fed a small nation. Instead of solving hunger in Papua New Guinea, we had a dinner of cookies while watching The Magic of Belle Isle (totally random but cute) and attempted to stuff Meredith with as many cookies as possible prior her midnight pre-surgery eating and drinking cut-off.

These dreamy wheels of oatmeal and maple were a big hit with my family, my dad’s coworkers, and my friends. Confession: I’ve actually made them twice in the span of 11 days. Yep I’m an addict.

Recipe: Joy the Baker’s Maple, White Chocolate and Cherry Oatmeal Cookies


  • No one was a fan of white chocolate at the outset so I inserted just a few shards of it into a couple dough balls prior to baking. After baking, my nay-saying family remarked that they actually liked the white chocolate and that it acted almost like goat cheese-a savory balance to the sweet.
  • I thought the cinnamon was the delightful aroma radiating from the cookies but Meredith and my mom thought it was the maple that really shone through. Whatever it was, the scent of this cookie acted like smell-fingers in a cartoon pulling in anyone within a 10 ft. radius. So good. But if you made any sugar/dessert/health-related resolutions DO NOT MAKE THIS RECIPE! You’ll end up having cookies for dinner. Several. nights. in a row.
  • The dough didn’t turn golden until they’d been in the oven—and my oven overheats—for around 13 minutes, I have no idea how Joy’s were ready after 10.
  • I’d use a cup or more of cherries instead of Joy’s 3/4 cup because their tartness and chew provide a nice counterpoint to the sugary, crumbly base. And if you’re wondering why you don’t see chocolate peeking out of my cookie stack, it’s because the second time I made these I left the chocolate out entirely. It was not missed.
  • These are super easy and are great for feeding a large group since one recipe yields 2+ dozen cookies.

Ok I’m going to resume stalking Joy’s blog now. Happy 2013 and welcome back to the Copy Kitchens, we’re so excited you’re here!

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