Lauren: Valrhona Dark Chocolate and Orange Buttermilk Scones


Holy crap guys, these are good. They’re “I-made-them-twice-in-the-span-of-three-days” good. And I’ve been wondering why my pants have been so squeezy lately. I blame the scones. This photo doesn’t even do them justice.

As soon as I found these on Joy’s website it was all over. Orange is kinda tricky. The thought of baked citrus never sounds very appealing, and yet sometimes I seek it out. I can’t figure out what makes some goodies sound lame while others amazing. These fall into the latter category. I went to The Fresh Market for my ingredients and as soon as I walked in I nearly walked into the display of Valrhona bricks and disks. Hellooooo chocolate. Valrhona chocolate keeps popping up in the recipes I want to make but I can never find the stuff in stores. I don’t need to tell you that I bought 2 bricks and a box of disks. The stuff doesn’t disappoint. Well, anything besides your bank account anyway.

Making these grand pillows of English deliciousness is easy. Throw half the ingredients into a bowl and sift, throw the other half into a liquid measuring cup and eventually combine them. YOU DON’T EVEN NEED A MIXER! Bonus: (and this is what really did it for me) you can knead the mixture IN THE LARGE MIXING BOWL! Do you hear me people?! You don’t even need to dirty a surface with flour and raw egg remnants or worry about what little bits of fuzz and crumbs and other things lurking in your kitchen are making their way into your dough. It can all be neatly contained inside your mixing bowl. Serve them with butter or jam and you’ll be loved forever. Promise.

They’re so easy to whip up that I plan to make a batch before each of our imminent wintertime house guests arrive, to have on hand for breakfast. They take less than an hour to make and are even better right out of the oven, if you want to wait until the day of.

I hope your Thanksgivings went well and that you eat a lot of scones and cookies and other foods that make the season what it is over the next few weeks. Elastic pants on. GO!

P.S. in an effort to curb my scone obsession I’ve been drinking a lot of tea in the hopes that it will fill the seemingly-endless void that is my stomach and Tazo Wild Sweet Orange is my JAM, man! And it’s pretty awesome with the orange in the pastry. Love.


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2 thoughts on “Lauren: Valrhona Dark Chocolate and Orange Buttermilk Scones

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