An Apology. And a Promise!

Hey, world. Caro here.

I thought I’d write up this little post to tell you all I’m sorry for my total disappearance from the blog for… all of October.

The first month of work unexpectedly brought with it way too many 10- to 11-hour days, all of which left me passed out in bed immediately following dinner (which I usually didn’t even have the energy to cook… ❤ you, Chick-fil-A). And you know what? If I had a couch in my apartment, I probably wouldn’t even have made it to the bed. Who knew real life could be so draining?

Add to this the fact that my mom was visiting one weekend, a dear friend was visiting and another was in town the next weekend, and the weekend after that involved a Friday night that kicked off a two-week emotional rollercoaster that is just now slowing down… yeah.

It might not seem like much, but it’s been hard for me to adjust to Tampa living with so much going on. Laundry? Not gonna lie… it’s been a solid three weeks. Grocery trip? Hasn’t happened in at least 12.6 days. Vacuuming? Let’s not even talk about it.

I’m not going to say I’m feeling any calmer or less tired or more adjusted… but I am going to say I’m not putting this blog on the sidelines anymore!

Commitment renewed. I’ll be back every week… I promise.

And! I have been cooking/baking/making for the blog this whole time… so today through Thursday of this week, in addition to Lauren’s and my POMEGRANATE WEEK (!) posts going up, the posts for the past weeks I’ve missed will be published. Better late than never… right? That means pumpkin week, Halloween week, “make what you want” week, and tiny food week posts from me are all on their ways 🙂 . Though not in that order. Gotta keep y’all on your toes.

First one to be up by this evening! (A.k.a. when I manage to figure out what’s wrong with my camera.)

Stay tuned! I’m glad to be back.


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