Lauren: Chaussons aux Pommes (French apple turnovers)

Totally overwhelmed (“You can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be ‘whelmed?'”—name that movie!) by the number of apple recipes in the world, I took a different approach to recipe-finding this week, instead of seeking one out, I sat back and waited for one to come to me. And come to me it did! One day after choosing apples as the theme an email from Bon Appétit popped into my box with a subject line reading, “15 Ways to Cook Apples; Fall Pasta Recipes.” Obv I ignored the latter part and got to clicking.

I’m obsessed with the podcast Spilled Milk and after listening to Molly and Matthew discuss their respective “Day of Perfect Meals” 20+ times on loop, I get it, Molly, Chaussons aux Pommes are awesome—flaky puff pastry, tart apple compote “stuff,” a little sugar sprinkled on top, SIGN ME UP!

Molly said that on her day she’d teleport back to Paris and have the pastries at Eric Keyser’s bakery/patisserie, what Ms. Wizenberg didn’t say was that she has a recipe for them. So eight slides into the Bon Appétit article I found it, I found Molly’s recipe! And it looked so good that I decided to be fancy for once, suck it up, and make something with puff pastry.

Enter: amazingness. Eating my apple slipper (the literal translation of the recipe name) was like taking a little trip to France. Even eaten on the way to the car dealership, the next day for breakfast, the day after that for no reason at all, well, you get the idea, these are really really great. Though, do note that their flavor is HIGHLY dependent on the quality of the puff pastry dough. While the apple compote had flavor, the more predominate flavor was that of the flaky pastry and egg wash. I happened to be lunching at Whole Foods when I went shopping for this recipe, where there was only one option in the way of pastry dough, and which had apparently won an award at the aptly named Fancy Food Show, and I, a sucker for anything with fancy in the name, was sold.

Unlike Molly, I made GIANT Chaussons, whoops. A package of this particular pastry dough should have yielded eight pastries, yet mine somehow only made six. Whatever, more puff pastry and tart apple compote is far from a crime in my book. Pastry dough is finicky so make absolutely sure that you adequately flour the surface on which you roll it out, and flour the rolling pin, and either work quickly or work on a cold marble slab otherwise prepare for a sticky, unwieldy mess that refuses to unstick itself from its new best friend, the marble counter top. Clearly I had this problem; my remedy was to speed up my assembly and pull the dough away from the counter as fast as I could. The end result was three photogenic pastries, and three little round, alien-looking, apple blobs.

Click me for the recipe!

As with all vacations, gustatory and otherwise, it had to end, but I plan to go return the very first chance I get, like maybe the next time we have house guests, or for Thanksgiving! Speaking of Thanksgiving, stay tuned for next week’s posts—you won’t be sorry. Until then, au revoir mes amis and bon appétit!

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