Lauren: Fresh-Peach Drop Cookies

Martha Stewart’s Cookies is my boyfriend replacement. Seriously (sorry Chris, this is what happens when you’re 300 miles away). I take this book to bed (where it is with me right now) to induce sweet dreams, I pull it out on rainy days for a little fun, and I spend quiet hours with it during long car rides. You’d think after years of perusal I’d have memorized all the recipes, but no! That’s the best part! Each flip through the book seems to result in a new craving for a new cookie, that somehow went unnoticed before. Last week I flipped through and was suddenly struck by a new desire, one for a cakey cookie.

I was on the tennis team during my freshman year of high school. Each member of the freshman team was matched with a “big sister” from the junior varsity or varsity teams with whom she would exchange snacks and little gifts prior to each tournament. I’m sorry to say that I don’t have the slightest clue as to the name of my big sister, but she did leave me with this lasting memory: her cakey chocolate chip cookies. The first time we exchanged she gave me these, and while I didn’t even like them, I ate every single one because they were cookies and they were there. I’m still angry about the waste of calories ingested and to this day hate cakey cookies because they remind me of this culinary travesty.

See, I like my cookies chewy or crunchy. I like cake when it’s not overly sweet, but not in my cookies. And do not even get me started on soft cookies. I hate them. So, it was out of character for me to decide on these last week. But, with all the talk of fresh peach ice cream and peach caprese salads and such, it seemed like a delicious and seasonal idea, and one my peach-loving parents might help me polish off. Bonus: plans to visit my grandma and cousins in Indiana materialized—yet another opportunity to share! Plus I just really like making food for my grandma.

The recipe was very straight-forward and easy. The finishing touch? The recipe calls for a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar atop the dough balls before popping in the oven. I baked them a little longer to ensure they were done, and the cookies became fluffy, muffin top-like clouds of deliciousness that I can’t stop eating. They are indeed cakey but not in an undercooked kind of way like those of my big sister. They’re quite peachy in flavor, and the cinnamon sugar sprinkling adds nice warmth. As predicted, I brought them to my cousins’ football game in Indiana where we munched on them throughout the entire 50-degree night game. They were a big hit despite the upsetting game score (my cousins’ team lost 41-0), and there was even talk of a second batch immediately following the first.

If you made it this far, you deserve a treat, courtesy of my friend, Eileen. I’m going to go have another cookie.

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3 thoughts on “Lauren: Fresh-Peach Drop Cookies

  1. Teresa says:

    wow, do these ever look yummy. I think I’ll have to try these soon!

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